The computer is the heart and soul of any data system.

It can be packaged in many sizes and configurations. It may be a general- or special-purpose type. It may handle analog or digital data, or both. It may be refereed to as a mainframe, minicomputer, or microcomputer.

Regardless of what it is called or how it is configured, it will share certain common fundamental concepts and principles with all other computers.

All computers

  • gather 
  • process
  • store
  • disseminate
  • display data and information.

Each computer is housed in a frame or cabinet. Each has a central processing unit (CPU), memory, input/output (I/O) section, and a power supply. How these are assembled in each computer will vary from unit to unit.


5 Steps to Optimize Your Asking Process of What You Want

You want something. All kinds of things. Of course you do, and of course you should!

But if one of the things you want depends on someone else you know giving it to you, I have a question:

Have you asked them for it?

As obvious as it may sound, it’s a step people often overlook.

Salary is a perfect example. Continue reading 5 Steps to Optimize Your Asking Process of What You Want

How To Build A Home Data Network: installation and configuration

This is Part 2 of a 3-part series on building home data network:

  • Part 1 – routers, IPcams, servers
  • Part 2 – [You Are Here] – installation and configuration
  • Part 3  IPcam installation (Coming soon)

As I was promising here is your network, but first let’s talk about hardware.

In marketplace there is plenty of manufacturers of routers and switches. You can choose any of them for your particular case. Planning and installation principles will remain the same.  Only will change the configuration steps that are defined by user interface of the particular device. Continue reading How To Build A Home Data Network: installation and configuration

How To Build A Home Data Network: routers, IPcams, servers

This is Part 1 of a 3-part series on building home data network:

From my experience it is clear that real world wants at minimum two years pro to begin working with. In my previous post I shared with you my story about this. If you missed a post, please read it first here:

Everybody Wants Experienced Programmer

To fill this gap of missing knowledge and skills you must make your hands dirty as soon as possible. Because knowledge and skills are acquired only by doing.

You can think about this home network as a mini project. You will plan, design and implement it from scratch. In the long run this network can be used  as a base for home automation or maybe you expand this network and build your own Internet Service Provider or you can install a Linux server and learn operating systems and programming on it… Continue reading How To Build A Home Data Network: routers, IPcams, servers

Operating Systems

Operating systems – the programs that enable people to share computers efficiently. The purpose of any operating system is to share computational resources among competing users. To do this efficiently a designer must respect the technological limitations os these resources.

Present computers consists of a small number of components (processors, store modules and peripherals) which operate strictly sequentially. It is possible to multiplex a single processor and a small internal store (supported by a large backing store) among several computations to create the illusion that they are executed concurently and have access to a large, homogeneous store. But these abstractions are not supported by the underlying technology, and if they are carried too far, the result is a total collapse of computational service known as thrashing. Continue reading Operating Systems

You Don’t Need Dev Phone To Start Developing

Android supply you with all the necessary tools that you can use to develop, test and debug your applications. To start coding simple apps you need only small subset of tools that is available. You may have one question like do I realy need some special hardware to develop my apps?

To start developing simple apps you don’t need any special hardware at all. All you need at the beginning is any personal computer with installed eclipse IDE with ADT plugin and emulator. But if you want not just develop your apps but also to live with your apps than you need any regular consumer device purchased at retail. Continue reading You Don’t Need Dev Phone To Start Developing

When I first met android

I remember when I was reading some IT news, one header grab my attention. The header was “Android, the new operating system from Google”. It was a love from first sight. I was very curious about why Google need to develop their own operating system? What was missing in contemporary OSs that Google was seeing opportunity to develop their own? I started to dig deeper…

As it turned out Google was a member of the Open Handset Alliance whose primary goal was to develop open standards for mobile devices. Android is an attempt to create an open standard software platform (software stack) for mobile devices. As you may know open standards and platforms create a foundation for success. They enable interoperability of technologies and encourage innovativeness and healthy competition, which in turn increases consumer choice and opens entirely new markets. Continue reading When I first met android

Everybody wants experienced programmer

It was all after I quit my first job. Back than I was working on Wireless Internet Service Provider. I was a network administrator. A job was pretty simple because I love all this networking staff like routers, switches, cabels and servers. Everything was very well until one day. A day when I fall in love with my financial director. She was an ex wife of my boss. On next day a boss quietly tell me that my service in company is not needed anymore, you are fired. As you can guessed it was bad news in financial area of my life. But life is such an interesting thing that there is no bad without good. I find my missing piece, my wife.

The question appeared like where to go to work? Continue reading Everybody wants experienced programmer


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